The Future of Investing: Conscious Investments & the Tech for Good Movement

December 10, 2019 8:00 pm

Supporting Disruptive Technologies for Good

With the next generation actively taking to the streets globally to demand action to address climate change, financial inclusion and a true redefining of our social ethos, the playbook is changing. 

The next gen of entrepreneurs understand that you can make a meaningful difference in the world and do so in a financially sustainable and scalable way, using technology as a multiplier for good and as an accelerator for change. 

Similarly, the need for an alternative system of investing is on the rise with the next wave of millennial investors also insisting that their consumer habits & their investments have a positive global impact and act as an influencer of change for some of today’s most pressing challenges.

Join our outstanding panel for an insightful discussion on the future of investing: making conscious investments and choosing to support entrepreneurs harnessing the power of technology to optimize environmental, societal and financial good. 

Sonia Weymuller, Founding Partner at VentureSouq

Lujain AlObeid, Cofounder & CEO of Tasamy for Social Entrepreneurship

Jehan Chu, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Kenetic Capital



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